As a speaker, panelist and board-level advisor, I spend much of my time enhancing understanding of the healthy buildings movement. I see myself more as a ‘curator’ than an practitioner, but, my understanding of – and passion for – greater materials transparency, sustainable supply chains and inclusive, people-centric design – is absolutely genuine. If you’re looking for a contributor or content partner on any of these topics, I’d love to hear from you. 

Talking the talk


Recorded on May 18, 2021

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to witness the growth of Jo’s project. She has worked hard to expertly curate such high-quality and topical information and it really shows.


Chris Bowie-Hill,

Director of Innovation Delivery at Hydrock
John O'Brien

I’ve been very impressed with Joanna’s ability to communicate the themes and issues which are driving the global sustainable and healthy buildings movement. She is a true champion and advocate for improving the environments we all live and work in.

John O’Brien

Founder & MD LCMB Building Performance

Joanna’s passion and energy for driving awareness about healthy buildings and quality of work life is unsurpassed. Her extensive environmental and wellbeing knowledge and experience enables her to set the focus squarely on the people, as they are the ones with the power to make change happen.

Deborah Wilder

Head of Research & Strategy, Interaction

Joanna is a woman on a mission to change the way we design and occupy the built environment. She is an advocate and a voice of reason for the positive benefits of healthy buildings in their truest sense.

Michelle Anthony

Development Projects, Oxygen Asset Management
Martin Brown

“As we move to a built environment future that addresses the climate and ecology crisis, the content and approach from Joanna and Work in Mind is vital to understanding how to make that future socially just and healthy for both mind and body.”

Martin Brown

Sustainability consultant & author of FutuREstorative.
Walter M Lourie - testimonial

“Joanna Watchman has been the leader in sustainable design communications for not only the UK but the globe. The work she has developed and published on Work in Mind has literally changed my life in addition to the company I work for, mafi Naturholzboden in Austria; it has re-doubled its efforts and its mission and goals towards a more sustainable and transparent company.”

Walter M. Lourie

Healthy Living Ambassador & Global Sustainability Manager mafi-America, Inc.